Experienced Attorneys Litigate Probate and Trust Disputes

Benj and Lesley Deppman represent clients in inheritance conflicts

When questions arise about the validity of testamentary documents or the management of estate assets, Benj and Lesley Deppman can assist you. If you believe an executor, trustee or estate administrator is mismanaging the assets of the estate or a trust, you, as beneficiary, have standing to raise that issue. On the other hand, an executor, trustee or estate administrator is entitled to a vigorous defense against accusations of incompetence or unlawful conduct. Benj and Lesley Deppman provide professional representation for beneficiaries and fiduciaries in estate and trust disputes.



Challenges to the validity of a will or trust

There are several bases for challenging the implementation of testamentary documents. These include lack of capacity, undue influence, and fraud.  Benj and Lesley Deppman are available to assist you in asserting a challenge, or defending against a challenge, to an estate plan.

Breach of fiduciary duty in estate settlement and trust management

The executor of a will, administrator of an intestate estate or the trustee of a trust is a fiduciary with a legal duty to manage the assets of the trust or estate according to the testator’s wishes and for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The fiduciary must perform at a professional standard so that assets are not lost due to waste, fraud, misallocation or mismanagement.  Beneficiaries may challenge misconduct and demand a full accounting. Benj and Lesley have experience on both sides of trust and estate controversies.

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